An Independent Project Manager & System Integrator

We launch several tv, radios and telecom stations in the world

Our duties include :

  • Setting up and operate various broadcasting equipment in studio and on location, check equipment for operational readiness, provide operational assistance/instruction.
  • supervising the installation, cabling new equipments, performing routine maintenance, interpreting wiring diagrams and working with engineers to test and integrate new systems.
  • Assisting the fabrication, test and installation experimental circuitry or complete prototype model according to engineering instructions and technical manuals.
  • Projects research, design, planning, implementation, writing procedures and conducting formal or informal training.
  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting new broadcast computer-based systems supporting file based content workflows and computer controlled broadcast equipment.
  • Evaluating quality of audio, video and data network signals using a variety of electronic measuring devices.
  • meeting with the production team and gather requirements and produce detailed statements of work and other design documents needed to upgrade or implement new systems.
  • In newsroom environment we provide on-site users support for highest conditions to maintain journalists concentrate on there content not on workflow.
  • developed automation software to reduce the complex workflow for Downlink, Uplink
  • developed automation software to digitize the archive (processing audio - processing video - metadatas - QA - QC and file transfer to the SAN)
  • developed the first web radio with audio detection
Our responsibility include :
  • Aware daily of status of all Broadcast equipments, by Performing preventative maintenance routines.
  • Diagnose complex systems, troubleshoot and remedy critical issues.
  • perform an emergency corrective and routine preventative maintenance.
  • test, repair and calibrate sophisticated broadcast equipments to meet exacting international broadcast standards.
  • Keep accurate records and logs of maintenance work and checks.